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HEY FRIENDS!!! it’s that time again!!! i’m in desperate need of some extra income— i’m in the middle of a million things right now: moving, getting a new job, paying off my student loans, etc. so i’m REOPENING COMMISSIONS!!!!!!

here’s the breakdown on pricing (the examples above are labeled if you click on them and prices are in USD). PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY SINCE MY PRICES HAVE CHANGED SINCE LAST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • since this is kind of an emergency, i will be taking PALETTE CHALLENGE commissions for $10 flat. more examples of this can be found in my palette meme tag, and the palettes can be found here! these are quick limited-color sketches and i would prefer if they were SINGLE CHARACTERS only!
  • black and white lineart/minimal shading - $15 + $5 per character.
  • bust or half body full color - $25 + $10 per character. 
  • full body full color - $35 + $10 per character.
  • flat color backgrounds will be included with all colored commissions but simple backgrounds will be $10 extra.
  • if you need more examples of what i can do, please visit my art tag HERE!

here’s what i will draw:

  • original characters. i’d love to work with you to bring your characters to life!
  • fanart. any fandom is acceptable, but if i’m not familiar with yours, please be prepared to give me some guidance!
  • NOT porn. (i know, i’m sorry.)
  • pretty much anything else you want though.

i’ll be taking all payments through paypal!! i always send working thumbnails while i’m drawing to make sure you are happy.

IF THIS SOUNDS COOL TO YOU and you want to get in touch with me to set up a commission, you can email me at !!!!!!! please don’t send messages to my tumblr inbox as they may easily get lost!!! also, if you would be so kind, please do me a favor and signal boost this post!!

thank you again!!!!!!!! love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Breaking the Rules of the Comic Art World with @fionastaples

To see a first glimpse of Marvel’s new Thor cover — and for more amazing comic art—follow @fionastaples on Instagram. For general geekery and awesomeness from Comic-Con San Diego, check out the #SDCC hashtag.

Thor is becoming a woman—and Fiona Staples (@fionastaples) is the artist charged with bringing the iconic comic book hero to life on the cover of Marvel’s groundbreaking issue.

Fiona’s Instagram photos are a comic book fan’s dream, showcasing special teasers from cool, upcoming projects (like Thor), but the Alberta-born artist also uses her account to share beautiful in-progress sketches featuring well-known faces both within the comic world and beyond.

Fiona joins other artists at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014, a massive community event that is becoming more and more gender-inclusive every year. As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Fiona considers herself an important advocate for well-developed female characters.

"I think comics have a bit of a reputation for tacky and exploitative images of women,” she says. “But that’s becoming a thing of the past.”